Patronage of the team of hockey players and the Rubin Children's and Youth Sports School

The development of sports is not possible without the participation of caring people, especially in the development of children's sports. Therefore, for several years we have been the chefs of the Tyumen team from the youth sports school "RUBIN", age category 14-15 years.

Our company follows with interest the performances of hockey players who, in the new sports season 2018/19, will continue to participate in the Russian championship, among the hockey schools of the Ural-Western Siberia division. The team will have to defend the Tyumen sports lines, under the guidance of coach Viktor Zakirov.

We are confident that the Tyumen team will become the best player this season, for this our company together with the Tyumen Regional Public Fund named after V.I.Muravlenko, sponsored the purchase of a hockey uniform. Now the team is equipped with a new uniform with the Rubin CYSS logo.

In it, hockey players will be able to feel confident during real ice battles, and will become the best scorers in youth hockey tournaments.

We wish them success and injury-free!