Hermetic sealer 80x70

HSLSP-80x70 is intended for use as part of an installation with a long metal sleeveless pipe or with an umbilical cable (reinforced polymer pipe), as part of a set of devices for lowering and lifting long sleeveless pipes under pressure (as part of coiled tubing installations), in the process of developing or repairing oil, gas, gas condensate wells.
HSLSP -80x70 is not a blowout preventer.
HSLSP -80x70 is not intended to replace a blowout preventer.

Technical details:
Nominal diameter, mm - 80
Working pressure of sealing pipes with the wellhead, MPa - 70
Test pressure, MPa - 80
Actual diameter of the bore for lowering equipment and couplings on the pipe (with seal glands and seal gland supports removed from the HSLSP), mm - 81
Outside diameter of sealed pipes, mm - 33.5 ± 0.5; 38.1 ± 0.5; 44.45 ± 0.5
Connecting dimensions
Top (fastening to the injector) - 4 holes Ø 22 on a circle Ø330
Bottom - Nipple Ø111.6 quick coupling with union nut with thread 6.31-4 ASME
Overall dimensions (length x height x diameter), mm - 380 x 950 x 370
Weight, no more, kg - 250