Hydraulic control panel HS-STC-14-3-50-T

A hydraulic drive station with a remote control (in a heat-insulated block-box) is used for remote control of blowout equipment at oil, gas and other wells, during their construction, repair, development and testing, to prevent open fountains and oil and gas water showings, in order to ensure safe work , subsoil and environmental protection.
The station has a built-in air defense heating system module.
Batteries do not require registration with Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight of Russia.
Hose type - DIN 2SN (double inner metal braid).

Technical details:
Number of control posts, pcs - 3
Working pressure in control lines, MPa - 7.5-15
Number of portable unit, pcs - 2
Electric motor power of the axial piston pump, kW - 7.5
Supply voltage, V - 380
Productivity of the axial piston pump, l / min - 26
Hydraulic tank volume, l - 100
Overall dimensions of the auxiliary panel (length x width x height), mm - 2300 х 1500 х 2410
Weight, no more, kg - 55