DRPH-2F-160x35 "Garant-Combi"

Double ram blowout preventer with hydraulic and manual drive of rams DRPH -2F-180x35 "Garant-Combi".
Modification DRPH -2F-160x21 with flanges 180x21 GOST 28919-91 and working pressure 21 MPa is available.

Technical details:
Nominal bore, mm - 160
Working pressure, MPa - 35
Test pressure of body parts for strength, MPa - 70
Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa - 10.5
Maximum pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa - 21
Permissible load on dies:
from column weight, kN - 560
from well pressure, kN - 160
Diameter of pipes to be sealed, mm - 33-114
Flange connections - 180x35 GOST 28919-91
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm - 1540 x 520 x 700
Weight, kg - 800

The drive of the dies is hydraulic, with manual fixation of the closed position of the dies and the possibility of manual control of the dies.