BOP RPH2-230x35

BOP RPH2-230x35 (double hydraulic ram BOP) can be used as part of air defense systems when drilling wells or separately, during their repair, including when sidetracking. During the design, we used the 10 years of experience of the company, the analysis of the study of structures of domestic and foreign analogues, as well as the requirements and wishes of the main customers.
RPH2-230x35 is produced with a cast or forged body. In addition to those shown here, in the forged body version, replaceable sealing mirrors and lateral process taps are offered. The preventer has a hydraulic ram drive with manual fixing of their closed position.
The hydraulic channels are made inside the body, there are no pipelines and hoses outside, the connection fittings are protected from external damage. In the absence of pressure in the control system, it is possible to close the rams manually.
The casing is equipped with heating that uses any heat carrier - steam, oil, antifreeze, etc. The design of the preventer is optimized for strength and ergonomics using modern design programs, it is simple, reliable and provides ease of operation and maintenance.

Technical details:
Bore diameter, mm - 230,5
Working pressure, MPa - 35
Test pressure for body strength, MPa - 70
Diameter of pipes to be sealed, mm - 60 - 178
Permissible load on dies, tons from string weight / well pressure - 110/45
Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa - 10.5 - 14 (21 max.)
Weight, kg - 2300