Single double-flange ram blowout preventer with manual drive of rams SRP-STC-2FT-156x21. Designed to seal the wellhead of oil and gas wells in order to prevent oil and gas water showings (OGWS) during the current underground or workover of wells.

Technical details:
Nominal bore, mm - 152/156
Working pressure, MPa - 21
Test pressure of body parts for strength, MPa - 42
Permissible load on dies:
from column weight, kN - 560
from well pressure, kN - 160
Diameter of pipes to be sealed, mm - 33-114
Flange connections - 180x21 GOST 28919-91
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm - 904 x 460 x 475
Weight, kg - 334

The drive of the dies is a manual screw, with the possibility of remote control.