PRD-2F-180x35 "Garant"

Preventer ram double with manual drive of rams PRD-2F-180x35 "Garant". The preventer is designed to seal the wellhead of oil and gas wells during their repair, to ensure the safe conduct of work, to prevent emissions and open fountains, to protect the subsoil and the environment.
Modification PRD-2F-180x21 with flanges 180x21 GOST 28919-91 and working pressure 21 MPa is available.

Technical details:
Nominal bore, mm - 180
Working pressure, MPa - 35
Test pressure of body parts for strength, MPa - 70
Permissible load on dies:
from column weight, kN - 900
from well pressure, kN - 280
Diameter of pipes to be sealed, mm - 60-140
Flange connections - 180x35 GOST 28919-91
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm - 1100 x 520 x 740
Weight, kg - 650

The drive of the dies is a manual screw, with the possibility of remote control.