Hydraulic cable preventer HCP-62x21 is used as part of equipment for sealing the mouth of oil and gas wells during their development, repair and research using a geophysical cable.

Technical details:
Nominal bore, mm - 62
Working pressure, MPa - 21
Test pressure of body parts for strength, MPa - 42
Working pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, MPa - 10.5
Maximum pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, MPa - 21
Nominal diameter of the sealed geophysical cable, mm - 6; 9; 11; 16
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm - 1000 x 177 x 260
Weight, kg - 41
Connecting threads of the nipple and coupling parts of the body according to GOST 633-80 thread of smooth tubing - ø89 / ø73
The control of the rams is hydraulic with manual fixation of the closed position of the rams and the possibility of manual closing by the handwheels.