RCP-62x21 "Kashtan"

Rod cable blowout preventer RCP-62x21 "KaShtan". Designed to seal the wellhead of oil and gas wells in order to prevent oil and gas water seepage (OGWP) during development, perforation, geophysical, repair and emergency operations at the well, to ensure safe work, prevent outbursts, open fountains, protect the subsoil and the environment.

Technical details:
Nominal bore, mm - 62
Working pressure, MPa - 21
Test pressure of body parts for strength, MPa - 42
Range of diameters of rods and cables, sealed with replaceable dies, mm - blind, 6-11; 9-16; 16-22; 19-25; 22-31
The number of turns of the steering wheel required to close the dies - 7
Connecting dimensions - threads smooth tubing GOST 633-80, top coupling, bottom nipple
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm - 498 х 166 х 210
Weight, kg - 19