Rotor hermetic sealer- 110x10

The rotary hermetic sealer is used as part of wellhead equipment for sealing the wellhead of oil and gas wells in the course of repair work associated with the rotation of the leading pipe and carrying out round-trip operations of the rotating drill pipe string, to prevent oil and gas outflows and open fountains in order to ensure safe work, security bowels and the environment in accordance with the requirements of safety regulations 08-624-03.

Technical details:
Working pressure when sealing a rotating HT, MPa - 5
Working pressure when sealing stationary HT, MPa - 21
Test pressure of the rotor hermetic sealer body, MPa - 42
The number of revolutions at operating pressure, rpm - 100
Rotor bore diameter, mm - 114
The size of the section of the sealed HT, mm - 80x80; 65x65
Load on the upper flange, no more, kN (t) - 883 (90)


height, mm - 665
width, mm - 380
Weight, no more, kg - 200