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Company history

The oil and gas industry remains the main sector for the development of the country's economy, its regions and ensuring the vital activity of all sectors of the economy. In this regard, the problems of environmental and technological safety are the most urgent in the modern world.

To prevent the occurrence of emissions and open fountains that have a negative destructive impact on the environment, a team of professionals, at that time of the Closed Joint Stock Company "Research and Production Enterprise Sibtechnocenter", having extensive experience and knowledge in the field of oilfield equipment, made the right choice of the priority directions of its activity - creation of blowout preventer equipment.

In 2003, specialists from the engineering and design bureau, having studied samples of Russian and foreign oilfield equipment, began to develop an original design - double-flange ram-slide preventer RSP-2DF-152 x 21.
The advantage of this development was the successful introduction of the 1CSEM complex of sealing equipment - a set of sealing equipment, and an important historical moment in the development of the RSP was the turn of the gate channel by 90 degrees, which served to create an absolutely new multifunctional, reliable, compact preventer RSP-2DF-152 x 21, which allows to provide maximum environmental and technical safety at all stages of construction, operation and repair of oil and gas wells.

The history of the company began in 2003, when the engineers of the scientific and production enterprise Sibtechnocenter, together with the specialists of the Bystrinskneft oil and gas production division, developed and conducted operational tests of a new unique ram-slide preventer RSP-2DF-152 x 21, which had no analogues either in Russia or abroad.
The innovative project was supported by Yuri Nikolaevich Maslov, head of the production department for repair and overhaul of wells of OJSC "Surgutneftegas", and his department confirmed the technological and economic efficiency of the new equipment. Soon, it was decided to use RSP in all workover teams, wireline crews and divisions of OJSC "Surgutneftegas".

On August 22, 2003, the "Acceptance test act of the preventer RSP-2DF-152 x 21" was signed, and in December of the same year the "Act on the results of field tests of the preventer RSP-2DF-152 x 21" was signed. Today the famous RSP-2DF-152 x 21 is legendary among ram ram-slide preventers and has more than 15 years of history. It has become a real embodiment of reliability, comparable to the "Kalashnikov" in the field of blowout equipment, developed and produced by the Joint Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise Sibtechnocenter.
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