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Design and development

The design department of JSC RPE "Sibtechnocenter", according to individual technical specifications, develops import-substituting equipment:
- valves.
- sealing equipment complexes;
- hydraulic control stations;
- manifolds;
- preventers;
The main functions of the design department
- certification and patenting of new equipment.
- designer's supervision in the manufacture and testing of new products;
- development of design documentation;
- carrying out strength calculations of structural elements;
- preparation of technical specifications;
Specialists of the design department are ready to carry out a project of any complexity, taking into account the customer's constructive suggestions for improving oilfield equipment in a short time.
When developing design and project documentation, the latest technologies, high-quality materials, modern methods of parametric three-dimensional modeling (3D) are used, which ensures high quality of design work.
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