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Our company actively cooperates with the Department of the Tyumen Industrial University "Machinery and equipment of the oil and gas industry" on the development and preparation for printing of textbooks
Ball valve design
Ball valve design. Dudintsev V.A., Knyazev Yu.I., Syzrantsev V.N., Pazyak A.A. - Tyumen, 2018
The manual summarizes the accumulated many years of experience in the design, calculation, manufacture and testing of ball valves at the production enterprise "Sibtechnocenter".

The manual describes the currently used manual actuators of ball valves, and also presents promising actuators based on the use of precessing flat-bevel gears developed at the Department of Machinery and Equipment of the Oil and Gas Industry.
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Preventer design
Designing a preventer. Dudintsev V.A., Syzrantsev V.N., Moskvina E.Yu. - Tyumen, 2016
The manual examines a wide range of models and modifications of preventers used in domestic and foreign practice, contains an example of design of a preventer, as well as the basic principles of creating design documentation using the example of a small-sized manual preventer.
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