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The quality of its products is considered by JSC "RPE" Sibtechnocenter" to be one of the most important indicators of its activities.
The main task of the quality control department
To identify the stages at which problems may arise, and to make timely adjustments to the technological process to ensure the conformity of the quality of the products.
Control is carried out at all stages of the production cycle within the framework of the current "Quality Policy" and the management system developed in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001 - 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015).
Ways to improve product quality:
Incoming control
At the first stage, the quality control of the purchased input materials, components and semi-finished products is carried out, which allows our specialists of the control and quality department, even at the acceptance stage, to identify deviations and prevent inappropriate raw materials from production, on which the quality of the finished product directly depends.
Control during production
At the second stage, interoperation control is carried out at all stages of the production cycle, from metal working, assembly work and testing to storage and transportation of materials and equipment.

This type of control allows our specialists of the control and quality department to timely identify deviations from the norm and avoid rejects at subsequent stages of production.

We manage not only the quality of the products themselves, but also the production processes, observing the requirements of technological instructions and standard operating procedures.
Control of finished products
The main task of the company is to ensure the quality of finished products that meet the established requirements of regulatory documents.

Quality control of input materials and finished products is carried out at specialized sections of the control and quality department, which are provided with modern prestart control and measurement tools, control devices, and test stands.

To ensure quality, JSC "RPE" Sibtechnocenter" improves control management methods, raises the qualifications of technical personnel.
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