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Since 2015, the Mechanical Plant of Innovative Technologies has been included in the group of companies of JSC RPE Sibtechnocenter.
We consider our own production (Kurgan city) to be the main aspect of sustainable development of the Joint Stock Company, maintaining high rates of development and profitability. Today the plant provides a full life cycle for the production of products.
The priority tasks of the plant include high performance: technical level, quality and reliability of products. We consider the quality of products to be the main indicator of the competitiveness and sustainability of an enterprise.

For this, our production is equipped with the necessary modern machine tools which allows us to produce high-quality and in the required timescale to produce serial products and single experimental products of high precision metalworking:
- sharpening machines and other equipment.
- grinding;
- drilling;
- milling;
- CNC lathes;
- machining centers;
To fulfill production and technological tasks, the "Mechanical Plant of Innovative Technologies" has a full cycle of metal processing of products and various types of heat treatment.
Our specialists have the appropriate professional training and experience in the practical implementation of innovations, including import substitution programs for production.
Our plant is ready to provide a steady demand for the entire range of products and become the key to the success of the innovative activities of JSC RPE Sibtechnocenter.
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